OMETS - citizens for good governance and for social-legal justice; a registered non-profitable organization דף הבית



"OMETS" members believe that the economical, the social and the moral strengths of a state are measured by its capability of maintaining normative governmental systems, enforcing law and order, improving its civic standards and thriving for the welfare of each and every one of its citizens.

"OMETS" members believe in their abilities to strengthen the moral-ethical values of the governmental systems in Israel, to pursue constitutional equality for all and to eagerly guard human rights and basic freedoms in all aspects of life.

"OMETS" members wish for the Israeli governmental establishment to be based upon principles of justice and law supremacy, integrity, decency and good governance. "OMETS" members are committed to enforce state laws justly and fearlessly.



1. "OMETS" will act against any attempt to influence decision-making procedures, orders, laws and regulations or judgment diverting by money or by other bribery means.

2. "OMETS" will act fearlessly against anybody who tries using state resources to his own benefit or to others who are not eligible.

3. The organization will act in order to reinforce control regulators and inspection systems within official institutions and civic establishments. "OMETS" will guard reform implementations within inspected institutions.

4. "OMETS" will act to expose corruption, fraud, and other materialistic "preferences" conducted by public representatives and high ranked civil servants. "OMETS" will warn of any deed or omission, suspected with violation of the law.

5. "OMETS" will take steps to increase public awareness in general and youngsters' awareness in particular, to deeds or omissions conducted by public establishments suspected with corruption and irregularities, with offending good governance and/or civil rights and basic freedoms.

6. "OMETS" will act to encourage parliament's legislation that deals with establishing public moral criteria regarding all aspects of good governance.

In general, "OMETS" wishes to determine Israel as a state governed by civil laws, honesty and integrity. We are convinced that ostentatious socio-economical gaps accelerate public corruption and contribute to destruction processes, to loosing faith, and to a lack of destination among young generations.

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