OMETS - citizens for good governance and for social-legal justice; a registered non-profitable organization דף הבית

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Contributing to OMETS
a non profitable organization

The non profitable organization OMETS - citizens for good governance and for social-legal justice was founded in 2003 by citizens, who although holding diverse political views, share the opinion that corruption eats away at the state of Israel, turning into a fundamental threat to its existence. OMETS tirelessly works to expose those deeds which harm good governance & integrity and protests against them. In addition, OMETS helps social lobbies to take action against injustice aimed at vulnerable communities.

Since its foundation, OMETS has left its remarkable impression on these matters: legislation, law enforcement, petitioning to High Court and supporting social lobbies. In 2006, there has been a massive increase in OMETS's activities due to an unprecedented growth in political corruption. OMETS has gained wide public recognition as an organization that ordinary citizens turn to, to deal with cases other organizations refrain from. These days, there are more than 200 members in OMETS.

In order to help those in need, as well as to manage volunteers in matters of High Court pleas, newspaper disclosures, and representing and advocating appeals, we need your financial support.

On top of the war against corruption, we intend to expand our educational activities among high school students and college students.

We believe that a major component of Israel's Socio-Economical problems would be resolved, if civil servants corresponded to higher moral standards, their actions guided solely by the well being of the citizens. We do not naively think that corruption will vanish, but we will suffice with disgracing the corrupted bureaucrats. We will be thankful if you can make a donation to OMETS and we will be pleased if you join our organization.

Ministry of Finance Certifies Omets as of Non-Profitable Organization
Certificate of "Nihul Takin" (Rasham HaAmutot, Ministry of Justice)

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